Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seattle Splendor

It's now been a few weeks and I'd have to say, Seattle has been good to us. Today is a glorious, sunny, 60 degrees! What a day to play hooky (and no, I'm not). It's clear, clear, clear. I can see all the way to downtown Seattle from my office window in downtown Bellevue. The Space Needle is just poking over the ridge with the snow kissed Cascade mountains in the background. The leaves on the trees have turned to golden yellows and burnt copper tones. I thought I would have to reminisce about East Coast fall foliage splendor. Not so! The Pacific Northwest rivals Virginia's Autumn. Ha! Now, now. I know what you're thinking so stop. Don't you think for one moment that I've forgotten where I moved. The rain is coming...Wednesday. Luckily for us, it's going to hold out for the weekend. Greyson's school is holding a Fall Festival Friday evening, where Greyson will be dressed in a very sweet, little lion costume. Simply adorable with her fuzzy little mane tickling her cheeks and little droopy tail on her bottom. Pictures to be posted of course!

Speaking of courses, what a transition, you'll notice we're chaning the name of our blog. We've decided that with so many new tasting options in our new "backyard," we'd like to share with you what's recently been on our plate, providing a humble review of area restaurants, wines, markets and other local culinary wonders. That way when you come to visit, and we hope you do, you can pick out what piques your interest...even if we didn't like it. Everything deserves a second chance right?!?!

Here's a brief look at what's been on our plate, with more details to come.

- Sitka & Spruce - http://www.sitkaandspruce.com/
Great menu, great service (we took Greyson and they were very accommodating not having any high chairs - as expected)
- Le Pichet -http://www.lepichetseattle.com/
When you walk though the door, you're transported to a Parisian bistro. Excellent in very way. The food, the service, the wine list - which you can order pitchers, hence the name. Helpful hint, if you take children, ask for the table in the back.
- West Seattle Farmer's Market - http://www.seattlefarmersmarkets.org/markets/west_seattle
- Domaine Drouhin - http://www.domainedrouhin.com/en/index.php?contentVersion=7
Very nice, worth the price, recommend letting your glass breathe a bit, but bottle doesn't warrant decanting
- Wine Outlet - http://www.seattlewineoutlet.com/
If you're looking to try something new, off the wall and be a bit adventurous with your "usual" picks, this is the place to go, and the prices are incredible!
- Verite Coffee (featuring Cup Cake Royale) - http://cupcakeroyale.com/index.html
Best lattes ever! The cupcakes can be a bit dry on occasions...we've tried them all! Great flavor, but you'll need the latte.
Easy Street Cafe - http://www.buymusichere.net/stores/easystreet/
Well, actually Easy Street Records. It's half record store, half bustling cafe. Excellent diner style breakfast...expect a wait on Sunday mornings. But it's well worth it. If you need something to hold you over, head across the street for a cup cake.